WhoWhatWhy, a NYC-based investigative journalism nonprofit, where I am on the masthead.


VICE is an international media company with divisions including the website, a film production company, a record label, and more. They're large enough to have sent crews to the Olympics and Afghanistan.


A nationwide news site with 15 million monthly visitors as of August 2013. One of the first web-only news organizations.

Revolution News

The Daily Dot

The Internet's local newspaper and among the 1200 most popular sites in the US.


A dating, nightlife, and pop culture site with 1.5 million unique visitors as of August 2013.

The Cryptosphere

"The Cryptosphere aims to put into plain English the crazy, crazy, mixed-up world of hackers, hacktivism, cyberwar, cryptocurrency, leakers, spies, viruses, trojans, worms, and John McAfee, who is several of these things all by himself."

The TCU Magazine

The magazine of my alma mater, Texas Christian University, published since 1958.


The North Texas affiliate of CBS News.


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