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Freak Bodybuilding

Freak bodybuilding contests sounds like the kind of idea that would come out of some person who would put his MRI on his own website as a .FLV because he wonders where all the brainsplatter beanspotting brainhacking went. These are just words on a screen, man, they just be words on a screen.

Footnote re requiring

From the book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy by David Leigh and Luke Harding. Leigh was the Guardian’s executive editor who dealt with Assange at the time and can’t handle a passphrase, but who has certainly done a lot of business:


(Keller’s excuse is full of shit but that’s another story.)

Hello World

This is a personal blog for me, Douglas Lucas. Upcoming content will focus on my experience at Clarion West, which I attended in 2008. Beyond that, I plan to keep this blog centered around my own life, rather than around some specialized topic. I do keep, by hand, a personal journal (God forbid I use the word diary); so, my posts here at Babel Krieg aren’t going to be confessionals. Expect content about writing, reading, and most of all, random baubels idiosyncratic to yours truly.

And…why the name Babel Krieg? I’m not sure yet; I’ll let you know when and if I am. =)